Bros LLC is an international manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting solutions with the experience over 20 years. The company has strong technological development and innovative designing capabilities. All products have passed the safety standards of GS, CE, UL, CUL and we have obtained several patents for our products and technologies worldwide.

To ensure the best quality and win the trust of our customers, our factories have established the consummate quality management system and received ISO9001:2000 certification. We aim to constantly develop new products and exceed our customers expectations with excellence in quality and after-sales service. These objectives led us to close cooperation with world's leading companies in LED sector and the creation of our own brand - WALLERSTM.

The development of unique WALLERSTM lightings was launched in 2009. Our goal was to create a wide range of high quality LED lighting solutions that could be used by everyone in different circumstances. To materialize our imagination and fulfill our customer’s expectations, we had to be sure that the final WALLERSTM products are 100% right. 

We engaged the most professional engineers and designers in development of each and every product to ensure superior functionality, combining different lighting options with ease and excellence in usability. We worked closely with existing customers, commercial and domestic users who need and use these types of products in their everyday work and life. We had to be sure that we were developing the WALLERSTM lightings in the right way.

We learned a lot from this cooperation and concentrated all of our valuable learnings, knowledge, wishes and ideas into every product we are distributing under the trademark WALLERSTM. With passion, precise design and manufacturing we at Wallers believe we are creating the best possible LED lightings.